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Ordinary people know what it is like to struggle with life; to be hurt, to be disappointed, to say something and wish they hadn’t or to act in ways that they wish they could take back. Ordinary people know what it is like to wish for clearer communication, stronger relationships, and wonder what they could do to make life better. There isn’t a person alive who has life truly figured out; we are all looking for ways to improve.  The Trek is a program for you, about you and by you.

Does this sound like something you or someone you love has been searching for?

Have you tried other programs and experienced change that only went so far?

What if there was another option that could take you deeper into a better understanding of who you really are and who you are truly meant to become?

What Is The Trek?

The Trek is an online self-discovery video series that educates participants about themselves, their behaviors, and their emotional reactions toward situations and people they encounter every day. Each session is designed the help identify and celebrate strengths while recognizing and improving areas where growth is needed. By using the tools presented in this program, you can strengthen your relationships with your family, spouse, children, parents, co-workers and others while, at the same time, changing your negative habits and developing a healthier outlook on life.

The Bridge portion of The Trek was developed for those looking for a deeper spiritual journey and, as such, seeks to take the concepts of The Trek and tie them back to Christian principles.

The Bridge aspect of The Trek was developed to train the heart to believe in the Truth (with a Capital "T"). After going through The Trek course each week, you will have an opportunity to click on the accompanying "Bridge" video. There you will find Biblical support for the topic just covered. These courses are offered free-of-charge to our viewers; you will never have to pay for The Bridge videos.

We all believe lies in our hearts of some kind. These lies cause behaviors like depression, rejection, outbursts of anger or an inability to give or receive love from the ones we care about most, just to name a few. We wish we could change, but we don't know why we do the things we do! We become discouraged and withdraw from others so they don't see the real "us" that torments our hearts. We believe that we are bad, defective, damaged and unlovable.

These feelings and behaviors can be changed by believing in the Truth, instead of the lies that we currently believe in. The Trek will help you to understand your own belief system and how to change it; The Bridge will show you the Truth - What God Thinks About You! It will take a lot of hard work, but if we can train our hearts to believe in the Truth found in God's Word about who we really are, then our behaviors, feelings and circumstances will change.

Be encouraged, my friends, there is hope to be free and it is found in the Truth. Jesus said, "...And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." - John 8:32. We want to help you learn the Truth!

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